Courtesy Visit to Union Election Commission (UEC)

Members of Election Education and Observation Partners (EEOP) from thirteen regions and states in Myanmar visited to the office of Union Election Commission (UEC) and had met with the chairman, members, secretariats and responsible persons of UEC in UEC office’s meeting room, Nay Pyi Taw, 14th July 2015.

EEOP’s Meeting with UEC in Nay Pyi Taw

During the meeting with UEC, the representatives of EEOP member organizations introduced about themselves and their organizations. After that, the chairman said and explained about Elections in Myanmar, Voter Education based on the history of Elections (2010 and 2012), legal framework, voter registration process and voter list, UEC’s voter education programs, transparency of advanced vote and the role of the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for election and voter education.

After that, EEOP member CSOs organizations revealed the difficulties of voters in rural and conflict zones, the communication and transportation problems and the difficulties for providing voter education by CSOs. EEOP members also asked about the procedures and future plan of Election Commissions, including the budget to display voter list, number of available forms to request, especially for Ward/Village level Election Sub-commissions, and the preparation for the voters far from polling stations.

They also asked about the code of conduct and the regulations of the observers; especially for the equipment of the observers cannot be taken into the polling station according to the regulations announced in 6/2015 by UEC, so that it is impossible to get the evidences in the polling stations for the observers, whilst the regulation stated that to have the evidences which should come along with the findings of the observers as much as possible. Moreover, they asked for how to monitor the counting process after voting and the exact definition of the polling station.

The chairman and members of UEC discussed, explained and suggested how to solve the difficulties revealed by CSOs. For Election Observation, code of conduct and the regulation, UEC said that it would be possible to take the evidence, e.g; photo, as long as the secrecy of voting was not encountered and t would be possible to monitor the counting process. The chairman and members of UEC answered the further questions by CSOs and successfully finished the courtesy meeting.

Link to UEC’s website news:

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