EEOP meeting with ANFREL

Members of EEOP in a meeting with ANFREL for their “Empoering CSOs and media in Myanmar” program.

After the courtesy visit to Union Election Commission (UEC) in Nay Pyi Taw, members of EEOP has been taking the several nation-wide meetings. In 16th of July, we held a coordination meeting with Asia Network for Free Election (ANFREL) to continue Master trainings and TOT trainings in respective regions for their “Empowering CSOs and Media in Myanmar” program.

Durning meantime, EEOP is participating in the coordination meeting among the Election Monitoring organizations organized by NPA until 17th July.

Election Observation TOT (Level-2) Training in Loikaw

By the support of Asia Network for Free Election (ANFREL) and following to the previous master training, Freelance Organization, one of the EEOP member and local observer organizations in Kayah State, had an Election Observation Training of Trainers (TOT) Level-2 from June 30th to July 3rd, 2015. The Training was held in the office of Union of Kayinni State Youths (UKSY).

TOT(Level-2) Training in Loikaw - Trainer
TOT(Level-2) Training in Loikaw – Trainer

One of the participants presenting the discussion
One of the participants presenting the discussion

The curriculum of the training and agenda was provisioned by ANFREL and prepared by New Myanmar Foundation (NMF). The updated information of Union Election Commission (UEC) and practical case study were added into the training agenda especially the simulation of the polling station observation, the UEC’s announcement of 6/2015, regulations of the code of conduct of the observers, applications and Information Technology for the observers.

This is the first Election Observation training in Kayah State, and so that, we are very proud to provide such an observation training in the region. In the final day of training, the participants drew the action plans, cascade training, for their townships, wards and villages and they were encouraged to share their knowledge and observation techniques.

The Joint Statement of EEOPs and MIP

Election Education and Observation Partners (EEOPs) and Myanmar Initiative Partners (MIP) had issued a joint statement for the observers.


As the Articles stated in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, you need to ask yourself the following questions, as an observer:

  • Are all political parties and politicians able and free to speak and express themselves in public without fear?
  • Are people being physically attacked by their political opponents or people who hold different political views?
  • Is the state or, are security agencies harassing people who are exercising their right to freedom of speech?
  • Are political parties exercising their right to freedom of speech without insulting their political opponents or saying things that are not true about them?
  • Is the media allowed to report freely on all phases of the electoral process?

Freedom of speech does not mean that:

  • You have the right to insult your opponent.
  • You have the right to hatred or violence.
  • You have the right to say things that are untrue about other people.
  • No one is allowed to incite hatred against other members of the community.